Before discovering the top rated big data companies, it is necessary to first understand what exactly big data is, as well as the major methods which are used to analyse big data. Large amounts of data, or information are collected by most organisations or enterprises. This data can be structured or unstructured, or in may be in a silo. A data silo is a body of information which is separate from other bodies of information, so that one information silo does not share information, goals, tools, priorities, or processes with another. Therefore the two most essential tasks of Big Data Analytics are to break down information silos and to bring both structured and non-structured data in to the analytics process.

By utilising big data analytics tools such as predictive data, data mining, text mining, forecasting and data optimisation, enterprises can arrive at a better understanding of all the data their company has gathered, or the data a company is structured by on a day-to-day basis by management individuals and groups.

So which data analytics tools help an enterprise to derive the best “”Actionable Insights” from their big data? Many users will say Hadoop is the best and only way to organise racks of big data servers, though all Hadoop jobs must be written up in Java. This means that, surprisingly, not all big data companies are happy with Hadoop. On the other hand Jasperson BI Suite offers reports produced from columns of data and PDF’s produced from SQL tables. The Jasperson ReportsServer can find data from such storage providers as MongoDB, Cassandra, and CouchDB. This report server also offers a programme called Hive which can extract information from inside HBase (Hadoop). Although some queries must be typed in manually, for instance on Cassandra, Jasperson’s ReportsServer will put all information gathered into graphs and tables, with further interactive tools available for drill downs.


Pentaho Business Analytics offers a big data analytics tool that can be linked to No SQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra; from here you can easily drag and drop the columns of data into views and reports. Pentaho also provides files which can draw information from Hadoop clusters. A part of Pentaho Business Analytics, called Pentaho Data Integration, is comprised of a set of built in modules which can be dragged and dropped onto a picture file and connected for a more visual style of analysing your business’s data. This data integration file can also connect to Hadoop.

From The KarmaSphere Studio, comes the KarmaSphere Analyst. This big data analysis tool is especially good at re-organising all the information in a Hadoop cluster. A Hadoop cluster can be very complex and the KarmaSphere Analyst tool will de-compress zipped log files and re-string and re-parameterize them into a data-table for easy review and comparison.

Talend Open Studio and Skytree are data analytics tool which provide a high level of productive data and then there is Splunk. This tool is different from the other data analysis tools in that it re-formats an enterprises’ data into indexes, somewhat as if the big data were a book. Splunk uses text-strings to search through an index, so that if a URL or IP of relevant articles or websites is typed in as a query, Splunk will find the matching data and list it as a timeline. This a unique but powerful approach to big data analysis.

4k TV Reviews and Industry Information

If you have been following the television industry lately, 4K TV is a trend that manufacturers have been pressing for since 2012.Also widely known as UHD(ultra high-definition) or also Ultra HD, 4K TV is the next level in flat screen display resolution, offering up to 4 times pixel resolution of an ordinary 1080p HDTV.

4K technically refers to the 4096 by 2160 digital cinema technology resolution, while 3840×2160 should be classified as Ultra HD, however the term “4K” is much more catchier-most TV manufacturers have relied on using the term so as to market their ultra HD designs regardless of whether their native display resolution is just 3840×2160.Recently there have been opinions from certain camps and individuals like video expert Joe Kane to use the name “2160p”, which is the most accurate description.

The standard for Ultra HDTV has been stipulated by the ITU(International Telecommunications Union),the institution responsible for laying out such standards across the globe, under their Rec.2020 indenture to not only be able to deliver high resolution but also include a wider color spectrum, higher frame rates and greater bit-depth.However,restrictions on display technologies clearly mean that most, if not all, 4K TVs available in the market today are still utilizing the Rec.709 color space standard.

4K TV Features.

The HDMI 2.0

Whilst the first generation of UHD (Ultra High Definition) televisions supported only 3840×2160 resolution of up to 30Hz or the 4096×2160 resolution up to 24Hz as limited by the HDMI 1.4a standard, the coming of HDMI 2.0 in the year 2013 has facilitated 4K resolution at relatively higher frame rates of 50p and 60p.These rates are notably useful for rapid, action-packed television broadcasts, like for instance live sports broadcasts.

HEVC Decoding.

Due to high pixel density and potentially greater bit-depth and also Chroma resolution, file sizes of the 4K videos are expected to be large, making it difficult to store, manage or transmit. In order to solve this issue, the h.265 or rather HVEC (High-Efficiency Video Codec) has been designed to make the size of files much smaller and even more manageable, providing similar undistorted image quality with compressions that are twice as efficient.


Netflix 4K.

Native 4K TV content remains to be very thin on ground. While individuals that own Sony 4K and Samsung UHD televisions in USA have access to private content in the form of Samsung’s UHD video pack and Sony’s 4K Media player, the choices that are available to European users are so limited of which Netflix 4K is the most easily accessible.

HDCP 2.2.

This is the most recent version of High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) Scheme that has been developed to foil unauthorized copying of any digital AV content across devices that are connected. While at the moment there is no consumer content that is encrypted by HDCP 2.2 standard, we anticipate 4K Blu-ray to be able to use it.

Excellent List of the Best 4k TV of 2015

Panasonic AX802

This particular second-generation UHD television by the Japanese manufacturers provides crystal clear images we have ever experienced on an LCD-based display, majorly due to its capability to preserve color saturation in dark scenes owing this factor to Panasonic Studio Master Drive Technology.


Sony X9005B.

This great 2014 upgrade to the critically-acclaimed Sony Bravia X9 series is one of the many excellent TVs from the brand that is capable of handling all kinds of content, ranging from Blu-ray movies and also HD broadcasts to live video games and sports programmes.

Samsung HU7500

This is not even the highest-end UHD TV by the Korean manufacturers, but however by virtue of its great flat panel, its screen uniformity is much better than the HU8500 model. The video processing and upscaling capabilities of the model are top-notch. The series of calibration controls are quite comprehensive, enabling the greyscale and the colors blend in accurately.


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