Before discovering the top rated big data companies, it is necessary to first understand what exactly big data is, as well as the major methods which are used to analyse big data. Large amounts of data, or information are collected by most organisations or enterprises. This data can be structured or unstructured, or in may be in a silo. A data silo is a body of information which is separate from other bodies of information, so that one information silo does not share information, goals, tools, priorities, or processes with another. Therefore the two most essential tasks of Big Data Analytics are to break down information silos and to bring both structured and non-structured data in to the analytics process.

By utilising big data analytics tools such as predictive data, data mining, text mining, forecasting and data optimisation, enterprises can arrive at a better understanding of all the data their company has gathered, or the data a company is structured by on a day-to-day basis by management individuals and groups.

So which data analytics tools help an enterprise to derive the best “”Actionable Insights” from their big data? Many users will say Hadoop is the best and only way to organise racks of big data servers, though all Hadoop jobs must be written up in Java. This means that, surprisingly, not all big data companies are happy with Hadoop. On the other hand Jasperson BI Suite offers reports produced from columns of data and PDF’s produced from SQL tables. The Jasperson ReportsServer can find data from such storage providers as MongoDB, Cassandra, and CouchDB. This report server also offers a programme called Hive which can extract information from inside HBase (Hadoop). Although some queries must be typed in manually, for instance on Cassandra, Jasperson’s ReportsServer will put all information gathered into graphs and tables, with further interactive tools available for drill downs.


Pentaho Business Analytics offers a big data analytics tool that can be linked to No SQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra; from here you can easily drag and drop the columns of data into views and reports. Pentaho also provides files which can draw information from Hadoop clusters. A part of Pentaho Business Analytics, called Pentaho Data Integration, is comprised of a set of built in modules which can be dragged and dropped onto a picture file and connected for a more visual style of analysing your business’s data. This data integration file can also connect to Hadoop.

From The KarmaSphere Studio, comes the KarmaSphere Analyst. This big data analysis tool is especially good at re-organising all the information in a Hadoop cluster. A Hadoop cluster can be very complex and the KarmaSphere Analyst tool will de-compress zipped log files and re-string and re-parameterize them into a data-table for easy review and comparison.

Talend Open Studio and Skytree are data analytics tool which provide a high level of productive data and then there is Splunk. This tool is different from the other data analysis tools in that it re-formats an enterprises’ data into indexes, somewhat as if the big data were a book. Splunk uses text-strings to search through an index, so that if a URL or IP of relevant articles or websites is typed in as a query, Splunk will find the matching data and list it as a timeline. This a unique but powerful approach to big data analysis.

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