The Advantage of Overhead Projectors

feature-2The overhead projectors had for a long time ago replaced the traditional chalkboard as one of the fundamental teaching aids use as a part of lecture theaters and classrooms everywhere throughout the world. Despite the fact that computer based information projector are expanding in popularity, they are indeed extremely expensive, and this implies that they are no way a match for the overhead projector. Hence, it is very important for teachers and instructors know how to use the projectors, effectively, to endeavor its capability to the greatest level.

Projector definitely has various points of interest that would exceed most other visual teaching aids. For example, a speaker can use it in just the same way that she or he would use a chalkboard, yet the greatest advantage would be that with the projector, instructors everywhere throughout the world now get the opportunity to face the entire class and keep up eye contact all times with their students instead of needing to write and turn around. As an instructor, you would realize that this eye contact plays a very big role in both faciliciating and interpretative teaching, and serves both as a method for getting input from the class on how great or awful the session is and as an outward non-verbal correspondence medium for the teacher.

Another important advantage that the projector has over the blackboard is that it is multipurpose and can be used to present former arranged material, which empowers speakers to construct, tables, notes, graphs etc.. And these can be used every time, more than once. If that’s designed well and arranged well, there overhead transparencies will give all the associates and signals that are required during a lecture, so that you don’t need to turn to the routine note taking. These overhead transparencies are genuinely reduced when you contrast them and compare them with some of the other types of visual aids, in the same way as diagrams and can easily be stored in boxes, files, large envelopes and folders

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